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Upside-downess and Fear

Estimated Read Time: 2 minutes Original Post: Here. Being upside down scares me. After doing a bunch of kicking up to the wall and hoping for the best, and trying to cartwheel( because I thought I might as well get used to being upside down before going for a capoeira class) my back started to hurt. I did similar things before with people around and at the last capoeira class. The pain was there but far less. The fear I had of moving in this way while being alone sensitized my entire system, causing a greater pain experience. I feared falling on my back or my neck, and it was in fact those places that started to get sensitized first. I certainly was not injured. I might have done too much too fast. Challenging what I was physically, mentally and emotionally capable of too quickly and my body decided the threat was too much and intervened.

The body's alarm system of pain was trying to tell me something, and I took was telling it that I was indeed in an unsafe situation. I will remember to scale such practices gradually in the future. Today I’m feeling alright, because I listened and did things to calm myself down and got enough sleep. Maybe I’ll try being upside down again, this time with someone around.

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