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Ageing Well

I've had many elderly clients who feared walking in their own house, or lost the joy in going out due to fear of falling, turn their lives around and found more movement autonomy again.


Through carefully planned strength training and graded exposure to activities, they started gaining confidence again.


How much do we attribute to age that really isn't a natural process of ageing? Ageing doesn't have to make your world smaller.

Who is this for?

Are you above 60 years old and fear falling?

  • You feel a loss of trust in your ability to navigate your environment

  • You feel like you need help often when going to places you used to frequent easily

  • You feel unstable when walking and standing

Are you above 60 and have aches and pains?

  • Your body tells you often that activities are difficult to do through pain, tightness, weakness and stiffness

  • You find it difficult to do many activities without feeling the sensations listed abov

Do you have sarcopenia or seem to be at risk?

  • You've noticed a loss of muscle and bone density

  • You find it harder to exert strength

  • You find it harder to lift and carry things or stand up and sit down

What's in a session?

Movements are designed to make sure you feel safe throughout the session, while expanding your ability to move. 

Sessions include:

  • Weight/resistance training

  • Bodyweight movements

  • Mobility and stretching

  • Balance and stability exercises

  • Movement exploration

  • Mindful awareness exercises

  • Practical and fun movement pattern practice (stepping up and down, moving on the floor, getting up and down from various surfaces, picking things up, moving through obstacles)

Who am I and why train with me?

I have worked with many clients who were 70 and above who needed help with gaining movement autonomy again. It's heartwarming and touching to see their journeys, as their relationships with themselves and the world change.


From fearing movements like sitting down and getting up from a lower surface and doubting their abilities, to wanting more challenge and to explore more movements. It's inspiring as they find the joy and fun in exploration again and they encourage their friends to try too.


As I've worked at a physical rehab clinic and clients with chronic pain, I'm able to understand and communicate with medical professionals. With my work in rehab, I keep in mind contraindications and what's safe for you as we gradually expand what you can do.

To book or contact me, click here.


Pricing for sessions are $200 per hour for house visits.

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