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Rest and Release

Finding that space of relaxation and rest where you're almost asleep, but not.

The modern life is hectic.
It is immediate responses, fast turnarounds, noise, lights, worrying about the past and the future all at once.

In these sessions, we help you find a state of rest. After all, it is only with rest that we can have the energy to do again.

Who is this for?

Do you have tension and discomfort?

  • Lack time and space to check-in with your body

  • Feel tense and uncomfortable often

  • Find it hard to relax and feel calm or at peace

Do you find yourself overwhelmed often?

  • You sometimes or often are affected by noise, lights, crowded spaces and smells

  • You feel nauseous and have headaches often from overwhelm or overstimulation

  • You feel like you want to freeze or hideaway often

Do you find yourself stressed often?

  • Stressors can be from social dynamics, difficulties at work, day-to-day practicalities of being a human

  • Finding it hard to make a decision, think things through or sit with yourself

What's in a session?

The focus of these sessions is on regulating your nervous system. What that means is finding ease, comfort, safety and a sense of peace in your body and mind. These sessions do not focus on resolving any pain or injuries you might have, though might help with that. 


Part of building a resilient body and nervous system is learning how to down-regulate and knowing what a down-regulated state feels like, these sessions help you with that.

Sessions consist of:

  • Understanding how you are feeling and sensing your body when you arrive

  • Hands-on therapy (a mixture of touch therapies depending on what suits your body for that day)

  • Breathing

  • Somatic therapy techniques

  • Mindful body awareness and mapping

  • Imagery and visualisation

  • Other release techniques with tools that are gentle

  • Giving you things you can implement in your life

To book or contact me, click here.


Pricing for sessions are $200 per hour for house visits.

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