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Pregnant Belly

Pre and Post Natal
Resistance Training

Pregnancy is hard. Giving birth is hard. Being a parent to a child is hard. Massive changes happen to you and your body.


Resistance training can help keep you healthy and resilient through the journey of becoming a parent.


It is safe. It can help you stay strong and mobile as changes happen in your body and your life.

Who is this for?

Are you planning to have a baby?

  • You are planning to have a baby and want to get strong before pregnancy

  • You want to be healthier and more mobile before pregnancy

  • You want to try to prevent pelvic instability, joint and back pain

Are you currently pregnant?

  • Your doctor has cleared you for exercise

  • You would like to get stronger and keep your fitness levels as your body changes

  • You want to be strong for after you give birth and during birth

Are you feeling less stable and more achy?

  • You notice it's harder for you to stay balanced or you feel like you're leaning forward or backwards a lot

  • You feel wobbly often going up and down stairs or walking

What's in a session?

 Movements and programs depend on your goals and which point of your pregnancy you're in, which we will talk about and continue to talk about as time progresses. It is important they remain enjoyable, create progression, and are safe for you.

Sessions consist of:

  • Weight/resistance training

  • Bodyweight movements

  • Mobility and stretching

  • Balance and stability exercises

  • Movement exploration

  • Plyometric exercises

  • Mindful body awareness

  • Optional: Muay thai/kick-boxing

Who am I and why train with me?

I have trained people with various sports or performance specific goals, pregnant women (it is safe and helps you loads during pregnancy and post-birth!), post-natal women, post-surgery people, people with injuries and people with various health conditions (with awareness of contraindications and with clearance from their health professionals).


Due to having worked at a physical rehab clinic previously and working with rehab clients, I'm able to understand and communicate with medical professionals (like your gynaecologist). This helps keep you safe while keeping you progressing.


I've spent a lot of my life training others and myself and I continue to learn how to be a better coach and trainer to better help you (and also because I really like this stuff).

To book or contact me, click here.


Pricing for sessions are $200 per hour for house visits.

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