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Chronic Pain and Injury Rehab

Rehabilitation tends to be seen as getting you back to "regular life", but everyone's regular life is different with different needs and wants.
I work together with you to change your relationship with your body and expand your capacity for more movement with confidence.

Who is this for?

Do you have long-term/chronic pain?

  • Pain affecting your daily life

  • Pain stopping you from activities

  • Pain that comes and goes and changes in intensity

Want to change how you relate to your body?

  • Recently injured and have seen a physio/doctor, but need more help

  • Want to expand your capacity for movement beyond what it was before

  • Want to learn what to do if protective responses return

Do you feel discomfort or experience re-injury?

  • Returning to an activity seems to bring back protective responses (pain, tightness, weakness)

  • Want to return to the activities you love with confidence

What's in a session?

A session can be very varied depending on what your pain and injury levels are and what your goals are.

First session:

  1. Understanding your journey with your pain and injury

  2. Understanding your typical responses to pain and injuries

  3. Understanding your lifestyle (rest, diet, work, sleep, play, stressors, hobbies, mental health, social life)

  4. Assessing your movement quality and how sensitive to different stimuli the pain is

  5. Assessing your current understanding and map of your body and your relationship with the protective areas of your body and movement

  6. Goal, direction and expectation setting for what the process will be like (taking into account what is realistic, sustainable and enjoyable for long term change)

  7. We start applying what we agreed on

Subsequent sessions consist of:

  • Movement education and therapy

  • Body-mapping

  • Resistance and mobility training

  • Nervous system down-regulation to reduce protective responses (hands-on therapy, breath-work, mindful awareness, self soft-tissue therapy with tools you can use on your own)

  • Teaching you things you can do on your own at home/work/before and after activities

Who am I and why might you trust me with your pain?

I've spent almost a decade working with many people of various backgrounds with injuries, chronic pain and post-surgery to find autonomy in movement again. I've helped people go from believing there was something forever wrong with their bodies, to returning to and exploring activities like triathlons, martial arts, hiking, rock-climbing, powerlifting, going back to the gym, being able to carry  and play with their children and grand-children, gardening, dancing and more.

I've also helped myself with my own injuries many times. With rehab, I hope to impart the skills of understanding pain and your own body, and knowing what to do when you inju
re yourself, so that you can help yourself in the future. 

To book or contact me, click here.

Pricing for sessions are $280/hour for house visits.

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