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Get Strong, Move Smooth

Personal Training tends to bring certain expectations with it. In my sessions, I try to help you make fitness a part of your life and not your entire life.


Training is meant to give you more than you give it, or at least an equivalent.


Depending on your goals, I try to help you gain more movement capacity, so you live life with ease and confidence; whether it is doing random activities on holiday, picking up a new hobby, playing with your kids or grandkids.

Who is this for?

Do you want to build fitness into your life?

  • Building a routine that you enjoy that fits into your life

  • Learning how many sessions is realistic for you

  • Having a program that accounts for other activities in your life

Do you need help with knowing where to start?

  • Doing something more consistent than random classes and YouTube videos

  • Starting with exercises that are enjoyable and helpful for your body

  • Knowing where to start so you reduce the risk of injury

Will accountability help you?

  • Get better with consistency with someone who will show up to the session with you

  • Sessions are more engaging and meaningful with a program that suits you

What's in a session?

 Movements and programs depend on your goals, which we will talk about and continue to talk about as time progresses. It is important they remain enjoyable, create progression, and are safe for you.

Sessions consist of:

  • Weight/resistance training

  • Bodyweight movements

  • Mobility and stretching

  • Balance and stability exercises

  • Movement exploration

  • Plyometric exercises

  • Mindful body awareness

  • Optional: Muay thai/kick-boxing

Who am I and why train with me?

I have trained people with various sports or performance specific goals, pregnant women (it is safe and helps you loads during pregnancy and post-birth!), post-natal women, post-surgery people, people with injuries and people with various health conditions (with awareness of contraindications and with clearance from their health professionals).


Due to having worked at a physical rehab clinic previously and working with rehab clients, I'm able to understand and communicate with medical professionals. This helps keep you safe while keeping you progressing.


I have helped people who want to be fitter after a long time of pausing physical activity and people who are new to exercise. In my time as an athlete, I have also led and trained teams in the sports I competed in (track and field, netball and muay thai).


I've spent a lot of my life training others and myself and I continue to learn how to be a better coach and trainer to better help you (and also because I really like this stuff).

To book or contact me, click here.


Pricing for sessions are $200 per hour for house visits.

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