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The Problem-Solving Nature of Our Bodies

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Original Post: Here.

Remember when you first tried to draw a straight line? The line probably looked less like a line and more like an abstract art piece. Or when you first tried to throw something accurately, like into a hoop, a bin or at someone's face (not judging), you probably missed. However, each time you tried to draw the line or destroy the person's face, you were more accurate. The line started looking more like a line, the person started to get annoyed with things flying right past them.

Our bodies are great at problem-solving. Give it a problem like "draw a straight line" and it will refine it with each time, eventually getting a straight line. We weren't able to walk immediately, we creeped, we crawled, we tried to get up, we took some clumsy steps and then made those steps less cumbersome.

By the way, when I say our bodies, I'm not saying our bodies are separate from us, they're very much intertwined. We are our bodies, our bodies are us. This use of referring to our bodies is just a simplified way of referring to our physical form, its capabilities and it's link to our brains for clunky categorization which we are to refine and remember is linked to a greater picture. The greater picture being, our human self and experience. Your body is a great solution finder. Try to give it problems and feed it quality information, and it will give you solutions even you might be surprised by.

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