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Why Do We Scare Our Clients?

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Nothing riles me up more than false information being used to create fear in others, so that the business or whatever it is that's using fear-based marketing may get more money and clients. You may give them the benefit of the doubt and say,"they might have good intentions and believe in what they're saying". Belief in what you say is not enough when it comes to being responsible for other people's lives and well-being. Can you imagine if your spine really was that fragile that something like sitting on your wallet would affect it horribly? If your spine was that fragile then you surely should not be getting “adjustments”. I mean if you think sitting on an uneven surface is going to ruin your spine, imagine what a high velocity thrust (what we colloquially call a crack) would do to it? If our spines were so fragile, what are all the yogis, contortionists, gymnasts, ski jumpers, fighters, construction workers made out of then? Okay, you might argue that these people are out of the ordinary. They're the "exception" to our species of homosapien. Then let us think, how have humans survived for this long if we really were that fragile? Why would natural selection (or if it suits you, God) choose such a fragile structure for us to live life with? I think you get my point by now. But in case it wasn’t clear enough, or in case one of these fear-mongering people see this, our spines are not fragile. They can take a lot of load. Our spines are also capable of being very adaptable to different movements. Why would it have so many different parts, be wrapped in so many muscles and ligaments and hold something as important as the spinal cord in it? So please, don’t insult the human body with this nonsense.

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