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Honing Your Awareness Part 2: Weight Shifting

In the second part of the Honing Your Awareness series, we explore understanding sensations and connections in our body through weight shifting.

What is weight shifting? It is as the name describes, moving your weight around. We'll be exploring this on our feet, sitting down and in a quadruped (on hands and knees/hands and feet) position.

The goal isn't the destination of the movement, but in the journey. It is important to feel how it is like shifting from one place to another and being receptive to the sensations that come up.

There is no need to analyse the information that appears yet, only observation. For example, if you notice a sense of discomfort in your left ankle as you shift your weight left, you can take note of it and explore how changing positions might change the sensation in that same area. However, there is no need to think of things like, "there is discomfort in my left foot while I shift left, it must be because of (reason)."

Here is the follow-along video:

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