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Your Posture Is Not Bad

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“My (insert title here) told me that I have bad posture, that’s why I have pain. My posture is really very bad.” Hello, human reading this. Your posture is not bad. Neither is there a perfect posture you should strive to achieve. Not that green ✅ on the right. That aching/pain you feel from being in one position for too long? That’s your body telling you to move and change positions. Your body needs movement to stay healthy. Slouch sometimes, sit up sometimes, sit on the floor, lean to the side, just change positions when your body starts to get achy. You’re not horrible because you didn’t maintain a “perfect” posture.

If perfect posture could solve all of our bodily problems, and imperfect posture was causing all the problems, wouldn't it be far easier to solve our issues? If it was so easy for us to fall into imperfect posture, why should we trust therapists to be so accurate at "putting things back"? From an evolutionary point of view, why would our genes choose such fragile systems to live with in a world full of potential chaos? Why do we still use the archaic and lazy explanation of bad posture causing pain? Why do we still scare people into standing and sitting in one “perfect way”? Making them feel like failures when they don’t. Isn’t the goal to help our patients and clients lead a happier and healthier life? Why allow misinformation?

I hope this has helped you gain perspective on the topic of posture in some way. If you have questions or would like to know more, do comment or send me a message.

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