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The Role of This Blog

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An Introduction

If you came from my website, I’m sure you know who I am. Else you could get to know me here.

I am a Manual Therapist/Certified Rolfer® on a lifelong journey to understand the human body and about being human. On my quest, I have come to realise that I am collecting a lot of valuable and useful information that should be shared. I do not claim to know all, I only hope to bring light to people on this subject where I can, to share and document what I learn, and to start and facilitate healthy discussions on this subject. I am open to thoughts different from mine and welcome them, for we could all learn from challenging our ideas.

The Role of This Blog

The role of this blog is to answer questions. There are always questions about the human body from my clients and through listening to many questions, I picked up some consistent themes. These are the themes this blog, while documenting my learning journey, will be about.

  • Decreasing the gap between important and necessary knowledge of the body and you

  • Explaining jargon under the series “Decipherus Jargonis”, where we tackle questions like “what is my doctor saying?”

  • A dialogue between you and I, through questions from you and a gateway for other future community-type events

  • Videos. Movement videos, explanation videos, collaborations, interviews, vlogs.

  • Practical tools to help you keep healthy

  • Body awareness activities to help you learn more about your body

  • Talking about health trends and popular physical activitiies

  • Introducing and explaining other medical and health professions and when to see who

I hope to make the complicated world of health easier to understand, and to equip and empower people with tools to be cognizant of the options they have. Too often do people not know who to see, what to do or where to look, only to realise it may be too late when they do, and if this blog could help reduce some of that, it would be phenomenal.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for future blog posts, do leave a comment below or send me a message on Facebook or email me at and I will respond to them in future blog posts/privately.

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