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My Services

Injury/Post-surgery/Pre-surgery Rehabilitation Sessions ( 60 mins: $150, 90mins: $210, 120mins: $280)

  • ​Consultation and Lifestyle Organisation

  • Creating a full rehab process for you to become better than you were before for injury prevention/mitigation

  • The rehab process will be programmed and changed according to what works best for you at each point of your rehab journey

  • The rehab process can be tricky to navigate around, it is not linear and can be confusing and frustrating. I walk along side you through your rehab process, making sure we stay on track and keep moving towards your goals through monitoring your progress and using my knowledge on pain, injuries, stress and the body

  • Prices are for house visits, studio prices may vary

  • Packages: 3 sessions ($430-800), 5 sessions ($715-1330), 7 sessions ($990-1860), 10 sessions ($1350-2520)

Stress Relief Manual Therapy (60 mins: $100)

  • A mix of different hands-on therapies that help to relieve stress and reduce tension

  • Tactile feedback from hands and techniques create an opportunity for a clearer body map, which can reduce tightness, discomfort and pain

  • Bring a sense of comfort and ease in being in your body

  • Not with goal of getting injuries solved

  • Prices are for house visits, studio prices may vary

  • Packages: 3 sessions ($290), 5 sessions ($480), 10 sessions ($950)

Movement and Mobility Training (60 mins: $100)

  • Private personal training session​

  • Sessions can include quadrupedal movements e.g. Animal Flow, bodyweight strength training, martial arts inspired movements, stillness and meditation, joint mobility training

  • Combining my knowledge in rehab and injuries, training athletes and my experience in sports and movement, to create a training program that will help you achieve your goals in health effectively

  • Can be done at your preferred gym or fitness corner, or your home

  • Studio or gym prices may vary

  • Group or duo options are available

  • Packages for 1-1 sessions: 5 sessions ($480), 10 sessions ($950), 20 sessions shareable ($1800)

Lifestyle Organisation (30 mins: $50, 60 mins: $100)

  • Habit building

  • Creating a sustainable health and fitness program for you

  • Understanding your schedule and energy management

  • Understanding what brings your stress and the ways stress affects you as an individual

  • Finding solutions that suit you to problems surrounding prioritising your health

  • Life is hectic and chaotic, I'll work with you with my expertise, knowledge and experience in health and wellness to help you navigate your health, so that you can be more adaptable to life

  • This can be done anywhere

  • Packages: 3 sessions ($140-$290), 5 sessions ($230-480)

To book a session,

call/text/whatsapp: +6596680418

or email:

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