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Learning Resistance Training

An 8 week program teaching you how to resistance train and how to create your own program that will fit into your life and the other activities you wish to do.

Who is this for?

Do you want to start resistance training?

You might have heard of the benefits of resistance training. Being stronger in life, boosting your metabolism, reduces the risk of chronic diseases, reduces your risk of injury, strong bones, better mood, reduces cognitive decline, and so many more things. 

You're ready to start, but you don't know how. How do you start? What do you do? How much do you do? What's safe for you to do now? We can work together so you learn how to start safely and in a way you enjoy.

Have you wanted to start, but don't know how?

You might have tried to start. You follow some YouTube videos. You might have gone for some group classes. You might have tried to go to the gym, but not know what to do. You might even have stuck to some things for awhile, but they didn't show results or it was hard to stay consistent for some reason.

Group classes and YouTube videos tend to be random, and the body requires specificity and consistency to grow. You'll learn how to program for progress and change, even with group classes in mind if that's something you love doing.

Do you want to invest in your future self?

A gift you can give to yourself of the future is strong bones, muscles, mobility and flexibility, and an overall healthful body. We are housed in our bodies and so much of how we engage with life is through our body. 

Starting resistance training earlier sets you up for a better quality of life as you grow older. You don't have to be an athlete, building a base and keeping it up, creates so much more freedom and ease as you grow old. It helps you go through tough times more easily and it helps you enjoy life more fully too

What's in this program?

Week 1: Introduction to basic movements, deciding where you want to train and designing your first program
Week 2: Revision of Week 1 and understanding the basics of programming
Week 3: Reflection on the Week 1 and 2, understanding intentions in training and creating
Week 4: Introducing more movements and looking at what you might want to change
Week 5: Adding more understanding to the principles of training and how to adapt your program to life
Week 6: Understanding how to take into account other physical activity
Week 7: Designing your own program on your own and we'll review it together
Week 8: Discussion on what you would have wanted to  do differently and how you would change things applying what you've learnt

Who am I and why train with me?
I have worked with many clients who were 70 and above who needed help with gaining movement autonomy again. It's heartwarming and touching to see their journeys, as their relationships with themselves and the world change. From fearing movements like sitting down and getting up from a lower surface and doubting their abilities, to wanting more challenge and to explore more movements. It's inspiring as they find the joy and fun in exploration again and they encourage their friends to try too. As I've to worked at a physical rehab clinic and work with rehab clients, I'm able to understand and communicate with medical professionals, that helps keep you safe while keeping you moving. With my work in rehab, I keep in mind contraindications and what's safe for you as we gradually expand what you can do.

If you'd like to contact me to know more or to see if we might be a good fit for working together or you'd like to book a session, click here.

Pricing for sessions are $200 per hour for house visits.


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