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Cassandra Mak 

Hi there! Thanks for coming to my page. This is where I talk about myself and show you who I am. My sessions are usually focused on you and I don't talk about myself very often. However, for us to have a good relationship together and help you, this must be done, for it's a little weird to have a relationship where only one knows the other. So here I go.

I decided to learn Rolfing® and and various forms of sports, martial arts and physical art forms, because of my interest in the human body and human potential. 

The approach I take with the body is bringing health and resilience to it, looking at it as a whole and not focusing only on the pathologies. Using scientific principles, perennial principles of philosophy and understanding and actively listening to you when considering how best to help you. The body is a complex system and adapts to the environments its in and what you give it. It's important to take that into account when helping humans. Complexity does not necessarily mean we have to make things complicated, and I do my best to bring simplicity and ease of understanding to you. 

Each session with me aims to fit the needs of the individual, for everyone responds and adapts to input and the environment idiosyncratically. In my exploration of understanding the human body, I spent a lot of my life participating and coaching in sports; such as swimming, track and field, badminton, netball, and martial arts.


This has been an asset in my learning and treatment, of not just athletes, but people of all ages and lifestyles, as it has instilled in me knowledge of movement and body mechanics. Being in sports and suffering from injuries myself has also taught me a lot about being a beginner, learning and what it's like to struggle, and has helped me empathise with whoever works with me. 


I enjoy helping people find clarity in the issues they present to me and feel comfortable being and moving in their bodies; through education and guided explorations with them. I find that to be the most rewarding part of being a therapist. The best sessions happen when both the client and I participate and work together.

If you'd like to contact me and ask me questions, you can contact me here.

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